What to do when police beat someone without any reason?


A police officer is trained in first aid and rescue.

A police officer, also known as an officer, policeman, or a policewoman is warranted law employee of a police force. A person who carries out this duty is known as police officer.

Real meaning of police: -

Police: Public office for legal investigation and criminal emergencies.

Role of police: -

A police officers serves to maintain order and law in local areas by protecting member of public and their property, preventing crime, reducing the fear of crime and improving the quality of life for all peoples.

Three major function of police –

Police are responsible for maintaining safety from public order and enforcing law, and preventing, detecting and investigating any types of criminals’ activities. These are function of police officer

Power –

The police have different powers to help them do their job. These powers are different in different countries. Most police officers have to power to arrest people, search people and search many things about the offence. They sometimes carry equipment like as gun, tasers etc. The area where police officer can use their powers is called jurisdiction.

Can the police beat someone unnecessarily?

First of all, have to keep these in mind in which situation should the police take foul play. usually the police officer has not right to keep foul play any people.

But the police officers go to catch a criminal and have also arrest warrant and to catch it and overcome it may use his force and assault.

What to do when police beat someone without any reason?

You cannot retaliate against the police officer in normal situation but if police officer attacked you in such a manner that your life is in danger then you can retaliate under the provision of right to private defence under the section 96 to section 100 of CrPC.

Right to private defence: -

The right to private defence of a citizen where one can practically take law in his own hand to defend his own person.

According to the right to private defence, when any police officer attack you without any reason that your life is in danger, then you are using your rights under the provision. The private defence under section 96 to 100 CrPC.

Under section 166 (public servant disobeying law)

  1. Accused must be a public servant,
  2. Knowingly disobeys any direction of the law as to the way in which he is to conduct himself as such public servant,
  3. Intending to cause, or knowing it to be likely that, a
  4. Such disobedience will cause injury to any person,
  5. One year or with fine, or with both.


When police arrest you, your rights are-

  1. According to section CrPC 50(1), firstly you have rights to reason for arrest.
  2. According to section CrPC 46(4), after sunset and before sunrise to women will not be arrested.
  3. According to section CrPC 46(1), any women arrested by only one-woman police officer.
  4. Rights to see warrant in case of non-cognizable offence.
  5. Rights to make arrest memo when the police officer arrest you. you have rights to make memorandum of arrest.
  6. According to section CrPC 50A , police will have to provide information to the family members or relatives.
  7. According to section CrPC 55A, Attention has to be paid of the arrested person for their health and protection.
  8. According to section CrPC 41D, you have rights to meet your lawyer during the time of interrogations.