What is zero F.I.R.?


First information report (F.I.R) it is a document prepared by the police when they have received information about the commission of an offence. It is the report of information that reaches the police first in point of time and that is called the First information report.

Do you know about many cases are not registered by the police officers and they told us it is not in his location case and do you know about the zero F.I.R.?

What is zero F.I.R.?

Zero F.I.R. it means that F.I.R. can be filled in any police station, irrespective of the jurisdictional limitation of the incident location.

The police station takes in the F.I.R. and mark it as a zero F.I.R.  by giving it serial number zero and immediately transfer the documents to the jurisdiction.

According to section 154 of IPC 1973, the procedure of a FIR is defined.

According to the supreme court, any of the crime is a cognizable offence the police stations must be register an F.I.R. and take investigation immediately.

For example, of zero F.I.R.

 Recently in Sushant Singh Rajput case, Sushant ‘s father registered an F.I.R. against Rhea Chakraborty and Rhea Chakraborty plea before supreme court and wished to transfer the F.I.R. in Bombay police under the concept of zero F.I.R.


Types of offence: -

There are two types of offence:

  • Non-cognizable offence (NCR)
  • Cognizable offence (FIR)


  • In Non -cognizable offence means a case in which a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant.

For examples: causing simple hurt, assault, mischief etc.


  • In cognizable offence means in which case police officers may arrest without warrant as per the first schedule of the criminal procedure code.

For examples: Murder, Robbery, Theft, Rioting etc.

As per the rights:

  • When the information about the commission of a cognisable offence is given orally the police must it write down.
  • The victim of the information has a right to demand that the information recorded by the police officer to be read him or her.
  • Once the information has been recorded by the police officer, must be signed by that person who giving information.
  •   The victim has a right to can get copy of a FIR.
  •  FIR include the date, time , place , incident details etc. involved.


What to do if police do not file zero F.I.R.: - 

  • If any police station does not file zero F.I.R. then the victim can complain to superintendents of police (SP) or tell any other officers to act.
  • You have rights to go human rights commission.
  • You can also register it online while going to the website of a particular police. Like as in Delhi e-FIR app.


Zero FIR is a free jurisdictional FIR. It ensures the person a with information regarding commission of a cognizable offence are sufficiently heard and are not turned down with the excuse of “lack of jurisdictional “.