What are the major disadvantages of existing electric vehicles in India?

Imagine the plight of the Guy who purchased the Tata Nexon which promised 312 Kms range and drove from Delhi to Jaipur (300 Kms).

The Actual Range proved to be 206 Kms - so in the middle - the Car stops and the battery is discharged. What to do? The Portable chargers of today take 8–12 hours for charging. So he has to be stranded on the Delhi - Jaipur Road. He cannot just get 10 Litres of Petrol from a Truck Driver by taking a lift to the nearest petrol station. He has to sit there in the night and risk the ghosts of the various villages and bhangarh.

Right now the biggest issue is Range Estimation.

Second are Charging Stations - To have 15% of all vehicles in India as EVs you will need a whopping 5 Million Charging Stations.

In Highways you need Charging Stations at 30 Km Distances

And Charging Stations are not profitable. They mean a lot of investment but very little returns (Like the Air Fillers in Petrol Stations) So Tesla or Tata or Mahindra will have to invest the money (Like Banks and ATMS).

Now PSUs can do this - but Private Players investing without returns? They will dodge

Without a network of Charging Stations - Highway Travel will be IMPOSSIBLE.