Important law of women’s favor

Important law of women’s favor

In our country women’s condition is very critical. Women’s faces many problem in ancient time. But now days there are many women’s rights. Government allots many rights and laws for women. These rights are perfect for overcome women’s pitiable condition.

Some explains are given below –

  1. Act 2006 – It is escape of prohibition of child marriage. According to the government research of this subject and got almost 47 percent of girls are married before the age of 18. When India ranks of 13 in this world comes to childhood marriages. In this age children are not prepare for health, mind maturity.

The child marriage is very effective in 2007. This act defines stop of child marriage. The groom or the bride is underage that is the bride is under 18 years of age boy is younger than 21 years. If my parents trying to marry under age with force then we can action under this law.

  1. Social marriage Act 1954 – In ancient time people bonds the bandage of marriage in some cast but today people wants the co-partner for their relation. This Act people keeps the authority they can marriage any cast and any religion.

An Act to provide a special form of marriage in certain cases for the registration of such and certain other marriage and for divorce. This Act people choose the different faith and caste so they do it under the special Act. This Act is not allowed in Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Dowry system Act 1961 – Dowry system is the major problem of India. Many parents faces many problem for daughter’s marriage because they can’t afford dowry for their child marriage. This Act provide the security of women. According to this Act taking or giving of dowry at the time of the marriage. This system has taken strong action against the dowry. When demands for dowry even after marriage are not get by the girls families. Many girls are torched, beaten and even burnt. It gives the protection for us.

The crimes identified the social laws. Some Acts have special provisions to safeguard woman and their interests like.

  1. The family court Act 1984 – An Act to provide the conciliation in secure speedy settlement of dispute related to family and marriage and family affairs.
  2. The special marriage Act 1954
  3. The Hindu marriage Act 1955 – This act provides the facilities for Hindus to be in a systematics marriage bond. It gives the different protection of our family and children, so they don’t suffer from parental issues.  
  4. The Hindu succession Act 1956 – This Act relating to the succession and inheritance of property.
  5. The maternity benefit Act 1961 – In this Act helps to protect working women maternity benefits of employment of women to a full paid absence from to take care for the child.
  6. The medical termination of pregnancy Act 1971 – An Act to provide for the termination of certain pregnancies by registered medical protection.
  7. The contact labour  Act 1976
    The equal remuneration Act 1976
  8. The criminal laws Act 1983
  9. Commission of sate prevention Act 1987
  10. The protection of woman from domestic violence Act 2005 – It give to protection from the domestic violence.